Kind words from readers

“Evocative and compelling.  This novel draws you into the lives of those unsung heroes all around us, everyday, who come to us in times of need and recede into the background when danger lifts.  It gives you powerful and unforgettable insight into how so many of them did not turn and run on September 11th, 2001… but instead marched forward into destiny.  The account of their achievements in the World Trade Center will leave you profoundly moved and forever grateful for their service and sacrifice.”
—Rita Cosby, Emmy-Winning TV Host and Best Selling Author of Quiet Hero: Secrets From My Father’s Past

“An engrossing tale that serves as a poignant reminder of the lives lost on 9/11.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Frank Napolitano’s exciting and engrossing novel rings dramatically true telling the inspiring stories of heroism and heartbreak of those who braved the World Trade Center attack as only a firefighter can tell them.”
—Peter Johnson, New York City Lawyer and Firefighter Advocate.

“If I didn’t know better, I would have thought this book was written by a 40-year veteran of the FDNY.”
—Brian Murphy, Professional New York Firefighter

Day of Days is a riveting and passionate look at those people who are first to respond to the calamities that befall unsuspecting civilians every day. Gritty and intense, it is destined to be to the fire service what From Here to Eternity was to the U.S. Army.”
— Kia Heavey, author of Domino and Underlake

“This book captures the Brotherhood of Firefighters perfectly.”
— Thomas Wieboldt, Retired Firefighter FDNY Engine 217